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Rwanda, is located in East-central Africa. It is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West; Uganda to the north; Tanzania to the east and Burundi to the south.
The total surface area of the country is 26,338 square kilometers.
Main towns: Kigali (Capital), Butare, Ruhengeri


One can get to Rwanda from Korea stopping by at Dubai (Arab Emirate) and Nirobi (Kenya).
Rwanda Air Express, the national carrier operates direct flights from Johannesburg in partnership with South African Airlines. Flying time to ohannesburg is approximately 3 and a half hours.
Rwanda Air also operates daily flights to Nairobi (Kenya) and Entebbe (Uganda) both approximately one hour flying time.
Other international Airlines serving Rwanda are: SN Brussels, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian airlines.
ll international flights arrive at Kigali international airport, 10 km from central Kigali.



The country has a cool temperate climate with an average temperate of 16-26 Degrees Celsius all year round. There are two rainy seasons: February to April and November to January.
Frost and snow are possible in the Virunga Mountains to the north.