'Rwanda, fondly known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, is located in East-Central Africa. It is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, and Burundi to the south.

The capital Kigali is only 2-3 hours away from the markets of Uganda, Eastern Congo, Western Tanzania, and Burundi. This close proximity makes Rwanda an ideal location for business operations targeting these emerging markets with their abundant supplies of commodities. The amenities available in Rwandan cities and towns are increasingly of an international standard.

Rwanda is also renowned for its beautiful terrain with mostly grassy uplands and scenic, gently rolling hills. Its abundant wildlife, including the rare mountain gorillas, is a heaven for nature lovers.

To many outsiders, Rwanda is most known for the 1994 genocide. Since then, however, Rwanda has made enormous progress in rebuilding its economic infrastructure and social cohesiveness. The country is now totally at peace, and enjoys the lowest crime rates in Africa. The capital,

Kigali, is the first city in Africa to be bestowed with the prestigious Habitat Scroll of Honor Award in the recognition of its cleanliness, peacefulness and security.

Internationally, Rwanda is hailed as a model of good governance. Corruption is negligible. Tourism is on the rise and GDP growth rate has been strong, averaging 6% per year for the last 14 years. In a recent World Bank study Rwanda’s economy was cited as the best performing economy in sub-Saharan Africa. The World Bank has also ranked Rwanda among the top 20 Reformers globally in its Doing Business report 2009. Strong political leadership, driving a programme