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Rwanda has become widely recognized as one of the safest countries in the world. The city of Kigali is the first city in Africa to be bestowed with the prestigious ? Habitat Scroll of Honor Award in recognition of its cleanliness, peacefulness and security. With its rich biodiversity, stunning natural beauty and excellent climate, Rwanda is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination.

In colonial times, the thrilling beauty of Rwanda's rolling mountainous landscapes earned it the sobriquet "The Land of a Thousand Hills".

After independence, the nation leaped to fame as the Land of "Gorillas in the Mist", adopted home of Diane Fossey and the most important refuge for the rare mountain gorilla.

Gorilla tracking in the Virungas is the country's premier attraction, supplemented by the mesmerising savannah and plains wildlife of Akagera National Park, the incredible biodiversity of the extensive Nyungwe rainforest and a range of hills and lakeshore beaches around the expansively beautiful Lake Kivu.

Rwanda also has one of Africa's richest bird life. A staggering 670 different bird species have been recorded in Rwanda.


- Rwanda Air Express, the national carrier operates direct flights from Johannesburg in partnership with South African
  Airlines. Flying time to Johannesburg is approximately 3 hours.
- Rwanda Air also operates daily flights to Nairobi (Kenya) and Entebbe (Uganda) both approximately one hour flying
- Other international Airlines serving Rwanda are: SN Brussels, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Qatar Airways.
- Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines have daily flights and SN Brussels has 3/weekly flights.
- All international flights arrive at Kigali international airport, 10 km from central Kigali.