V3-1 – Diplomat Single Entry Visa

* This visa is issued to a foreign diplomat visiting Rwanda for official purposes.

Visa Fee : Free of Charge
Duration : 30 days
Requirements :

1. Valid passport with at least 6 months until expiration

2. A complete filled visa application
- Download the form from the Embassy website and fill all required information.
One clear colored photo with white background recently taken without colored
glasses, caps and scarf; (3.5x4.5cm, The photo should be attached to the application)

3. An official travel order - The applicant should submit an official travel order with an official seal issued by the
dispatching organization.
(Names, position, purpose of the visit, length of stay in Rwanda must be specified)

4. One copy of flight itinerary

5. A letter of attorney if someone else is visiting the Embassy to apply for a visa on behalf of the applicant

Visa tip & Precautions :
- The average processing time of the visa application is 3 business days.
- The applicant has to visit the Embassy in person to apply and receive the visa. (Application via fax or e-mail will not be accepted.)
- The visa fees must be paid in US dollar.
This is a visa handling fee and is not refundable at anytime.

- All documents must be in printed or clear hand-written English.
- All documents must be prepared for each applicant.
- The applicant must sign the application form personally to show that the information
given on it is true and accurate.
- False or misleading information or failure to provide important relevant information on
an application form can be reason for visa rejection.
- Embassy staffs do not provide printing, copying, application-writing services.