V4 – Job Search Multiple Entry Visa

* This visa is issued to a foreign skilled worker who is seeking employment and whose skills are on the occupations on demand list.

Visa Fee : 75USD
Duration : 90 days
Requirements :

1. Valid passport with at least 6 months until expiration

2. A complete filled visa application
- Download the form from the Embassy website and fill all required information.
One clear colored photo with white background recently taken without colored
glasses, caps and scarf; (3.5x4.5cm, The photo should be attached to the application)

3. Invitation letter
- The applicant should submit an invitation letter from Rwanda signed by the host.
The letter must include the following;

① Letter addressed to the Director General of Immigration and Emigration
② Personal information and contact number of the host and the applicant
③ Visiting period and purpose
④ Residential address in Rwanda and confirmation for an accommodation offer
⑤ Host’s guarantee of all responsibility pertaining to the applicant’s stay in Rwanda
⑥ Date and signature of the host
* Submission of the copy of invitation letter will be accepted.
However, you may be asked to submit the original letter upon request.

4. Certificate of the host
* Individual invitation
- A copy of a passport - A proof of employment or a certificate of enrollment of the host in Rwanda
- Copy of a Rwanda Visa (if the host’s nationality is not Rwanda)
* Organization invitation:
- A registration certificate (license) of the organization in Rwanda

5. An official travel order
- The applicant should submit an official travel order with an official seal and signature issued by the dispatching organization/company.
(Names, position, purpose of the visit, length of stay in Rwanda must be specified)
- Must include letterhead in colors

6. One copy of flight itinerary

7. In case of enterprise, submission of the copy of business license is required

8. Proof of employment
- Must include letterhead in colors

9. Career Certificate

10. A letter of attorney if someone else is visiting the Embassy to apply for a visa on behalf of the applicant

Visa tip & Precautions :
- The average processing time of the visa application is 3 business days.
- The applicant has to visit the Embassy in person to apply and receive the visa. (Application via fax or e-mail will not be accepted.)
- The visa fees must be paid in US dollar.
This is a visa handling fee and is not refundable at anytime.
- All documents must be in printed or clear hand-written English.
- All documents must be prepared for each applicant.
- The applicant must sign the application form personally to show that the information
given on it is true and accurate.
- False or misleading information or failure to provide important relevant information on
an application form can be reason for visa rejection.
- Embassy staffs do not provide printing, copying, application-writing services.